Funny Valentines Day Card

11 02 2009

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be such a headache.  It begins with the onslaught of advertisements selling you romance, chocolates, expensive jewelry, and the sappiest items imaginable.  The whole idea is to convince you that you are sad and lonely if you are not buying somebody flowers.

Thankfully, the good humored folks at offer singles the anti-Valentines Day approach, not just by encouraging members to date casually, but also by letting you ask an important question this Valentines holiday:

Will you be my booty call?

Will You Be My Booty Call?

Will You Be My Booty Call?

This is your chance as a single, to invite other singles to join the fun!  Best of luck to all the singles this Saturday for V-day, perhaps this Valentine’s ecard can help you meet that special someone haha..




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