Sex in a Smart Car?

20 08 2008

If you haven’t noticed, we stay up to date with our favorite dating site Right now they’re running this crazy contest where they’re giving away a Smart Car Cabriolet. We had to laugh a little because, well, the Smart Car is not exactly your pimp-mobile. It’s no shaggin’ wagon either, and I don’t expect James Bond to be driving this car anytime soon.

Luckily, nothing is sexier today than being Green and fuel-efficient. You nail both the eco-consciousness and the independence from foreign oil in one clean swoop. Still, I wonder if anyone has ever pulled off sex in a Smart Car? That would totally earn you mad points, more points than the mile-high club, even with today’s strict “don’t screw around on planes” FAA regulations.

So, leave a comment with the tightest place where you’ve gotten freaky. Elevator, coat check closet, Smart Car?

You can also click the picture if you’re interested in the car


How to Approach A Booty Call

16 08 2008

The fellas from came up with great advice on how to approach a booty call online. If you’ve ever tried to advance from flirting on a girl’s MySpace to an offline encounter, you need these tips, especially those of you who don’t fully understand the nuances of a booty call relationship. Yes, we said it, relationship. Booty Calls are far different than one night stands and they come with their own set of rules.

These tips are for the guys. For the ladies out there, just remember you can still get away with just about anything! A slight smile or a wink will do…

“1. Slow it Down – Never start your Booty Calls with comments about how bad you want to bend her over. That only works in pornos. Take the time to get to know her by chatting and making her feel comfortable with you. In the real world, you don’t walk up to someone and expect to hook up without playing the game. It’s no different online.

2. Treat Her Like a Lady – Even if she’s only interested in a casual hookup, she doesn’t want to feel like a prostitute. Greeting her with a line like, “nice tits, when are we gonna hookup?” is the perfect way to kill any chance of meeting her. Although guys react to the physical attraction of a member’s photo, take the time to read her profile description if she has one. This will give you a better understanding on how to approach her. A little time and effort will go a long way.”

Click here to check out their Blogs and get the full article… enjoy!