Selling Your Virginity on CNN

6 10 2008

Natalie Dylan is back again, promoting the sale of her virginity on CNN. We’ve discussed Dylan before, and she returns to defend her position on national TV and reconfirm that she has never had sex. She mentions that she is willing to take a lie detector test and a medical examination to prove it.

Surprisingly, she articulates her argument calmly and almost eloquently. She doesn’t come across as needy or desperate for attention. We’ll have to wait and see if she succeeds in financing her education with this auction.

CNN tried to paint her as badly as possible, and a CNN reporter even set up a college student at Dylan’s school with this loaded question: “Do you know a lot of college girls that are a virgin?” The student looks at her and answers “no, I don’t… and she really doesn’t look like one either.”

The CNN reporter and the college student assume that all college girls are having sex, and that an attractive college girl couldn’t possibly be a virgin. Granted, that guy doesn’t look like he knows ANY girls, so we take his comments with a grain of salt.

We know sex is rampant in college life, but you can’t assume everyone is actively trying to sleep around. What doesn’t make sense is why Dylan waited so long to have sex. If we assume that she was in a couple of relationships up until now, then why would she value maintaining her virginity up until this point, only to later sell it for a profit?

Let us know your thoughts on this…

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Natalie Dylan on CNN

Natalie Dylan on CNN


Sexual Addiction Is a Myth

8 09 2008
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Stop lying to yourself.  Sexual addiction is a myth, a poor excuse for deeper psychological issues and establishing healthy relationships.  But wait, you say sex can be a compulsive behavior, one that affects normal living behaviors and evolves into a damaging addiction, similar to gambling.

When discussing the recent case of David Duchovny, CNN says sexual addiction is real.  Experts disagree.

PHD Marty  Klein suggests:

“For the vast majority of people, “being out of control” sexually is a metaphor, a metaphor we clinicians see every day in countless non-sexual forms.”

Dr Petra Boynton discusses the problem with diagnosing “sexual addiction.”  According to the poorly designed Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST), she turned out to be a sex addict!  She, just like Dr. Klein, view the concept of “sexual addiction” as a moralist approach to a nuanced set of psychological issues.

What are your thoughts on sexual addiction?  Perhaps you should take the screening test and find out!

8 Bad Reasons to Have Sex

5 09 2008

image via Flickr: MargoLove

Sex, in and of itself, can be a great experience when done responsibly, not only with protection and proper technique, but also for the right reasons. CNN gives us 8 Bad Reasons To Have Sex.

Most of the reasons listed are practical, but we have trouble agreeing to Reason # 1, having sex for “ego gratification.” CNN suggests that taking home that hottie purely for enjoyment and to give yourself a confidence boost, is wrong.

The article states:

“You must be fine if that scorching hot bartender took you home. Or not. Men have been known to do some unsavory things for physical gratification. The fact that he’s willing and able doesn’t say squat about your appeal.”

I can agree that men (and women) can be sleazy, that after a few drinks, are willing to lower their standards and have sex with just about any woman, but this article ignores the fact that many women come home empty handed after being out at a bar. Sexual intimacy can provide you a much needed ego pampering session.  Setting up a casual sexual liaison is not as negative as some of the other reasons listed in the article.  Ultimately, the choice is left to each individual, measuring self-worth, and whether physical intimacy is a replacement for emotional intimacy.

Trading Laundry Duty for Sex?

28 08 2008
I'll trade you laundry duty for...

I'll trade you laundry duty for...

If you’ve ever visited a college laundry room, descended into those cavernous, poorly lit and inadequately ventilated lairs (why are they always in the basement?), then you’ve seen the haggard desperation in people’s eyes as they bungle through their detested chores. Separating lights from darks, color-safe bleach, quarters, softener, solitary socks forgotten in hasty retreats. It’s no surprise that many students would be willing to trade a little sex for help with the tediousness of laundry.

According to CNN, a recent study of 475 undergraduates at the University of Michigan found that “27 percent of the men and 14 percent of the women who weren’t in a committed relationship had offered someone favors or gifts — help prepping for a test, laundry washing, tickets to a college football game — in exchange for sex.”

College can be pretty stressful, and the prospect of getting a favor AND getting some action sounds like quite the bargain, except for that whole, selling your body part. But don’t mistake those bright college years with pleasure rife as the only place where people are making these sexy trades. People use these tactics at work, at home with their significant others, and quite often, at home with non-significant others, as CNN can attest:

“Ben Corbett, a 39-year-old contractor from Boulder, Colorado, credits his tool belt with prompting the barrage of come-ons he fields from female clients — most of them married — on a regular basis.” CNN: Bartering Sex for Stuff or Services

What loathsome task, desirable gift, or opportunity would you be willing to trade in exchange for sex? I don’t know if I have an answer, but that tool belt sounds like a good idea right about now.

CNN Fortune Video on Marriage

15 08 2008

CNN’s Fortune has a straight forward discussion from one of Google’s execs on balancing marriage and life in big business.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW the video.   It’s a good watch.  I would love to hear some discussion on this one if anyone has any thoughts…

For me, it’s honest and detailed.   Very good advice from a talented woman that applies to both sexes.

– Bill Thompson