They say distance makes the heart grow fonder…

10 04 2009

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, unfortunately, this is not the case in every relationship… Especially when it comes to the long distance marriage between Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee.  For this couple, distance in fact makes the eyes wander…or at least Katie’s eyes.

Billy Joel’s crazy tour schedule keeps him away from his bombshell wife for months at a time.  However, it doesn’t seem like Katie is too upset at his absence.  Instead of missing her hubby and eagerly awaiting his return from tour, Katie is embracing her “alone” time by hanging out and getting down with another man.

36 year old Yigal Azrouel has been Katie’s designer and close “friend” for over a year now.  The two have become extremely close in the time that Joel has been on tour and have been seen out together on multiple occasions.

In the beginning, Joel just thought that the two were really good friends and was happy that Katie had found a companion to keep her occupied while he was away.  Humm..well I guess Yigal really did occupy her…in the bedroom.

Billy has not made any final decisions as to whether or not he is going to give his two-timing woman a second chance,  or ditch her to find another 20-something year old.  Either way, again, Hollywood gives us yet another great example as to why MARRIAGE CAN WAIT!


Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson call it quits!

7 04 2009

Another Hollywood couple has decided to go their own separate ways…and is all i can say is, “it’s about time!”

No, this is not the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston type, tear jerk-er break up…Not even close.

When I think about Lindsay Lohan and her leading lesbian lady, Samantha Ronson, I shake my head disapprovingly.  The tumultuous couple has shocked thousands, if not millions of people from the very beginning.  How the relationship lasted so long, I have no idea…but now that it has come to an end, we can all sleep better at night.

The reason behind the break up?  Lohan has decided to take the focus off of her drama-filled relationship and into herself.  That is probably the best idea yet.  In a short sentence Lindsay sums it all up for us…

“We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself.”

Lohan definitely should be selfish and focus all efforts on herself…and hopefully, for the sake of everyone, the break up will not be brief, but infinite.

Rhianna is going home ALONE

7 04 2009

After being beaten and abused by one of the music world’s FORMER favorites, Rhianna finally decides to takes a stand and leave Chris Brown’s pathetic ass behind.  Following her vacation in Hawaii and LA (where she spend time recouping with friends), she headed back to her home town of Barbados without Chris Brown anywhere in sight.  You go girl!  Walk away and don’t EVER look back.

Several weeks ago, when Rhianna confronted Chris about a “booty call” text message he had received, he decided to skip right past apologizing and explaining himself, and instead decided to beat the snot out of her.  Hummm…nice apology a-hole!

And that’s not even the worst part… After Brown decided to apologize to Rhianna (you’re a little late loser), and the entire world for his horrific behavior, Rhianna chose to stick by his side.  WTF?  Seriously, its so sad when girls become so consumed and controlled by a man that they end up staying in a relationship that literally tears them apart.

Domestic violence is a HUGE problem for women, and it doesn’t matter if you are being mentally, physically, or emotionally abused, they ALL count, they all matter, and they all are considered forms of ABUSE.

I know that it can be incredibly hard to let someone go and to come to the realization that they are not good for you.  However, sometimes it has to be done…You have to bite the bullet and make a decision to stand up for yourself and leave the baggage behind.

It’s great to see that Rhianna has realized this and has chosen to take the high road.  Although Chris Brown NEVER deserved a second chance in the first place, it’s better late than never.

Marriage Can Wait…And it Definitely Did for David Letterman

30 03 2009

David Letterman and Regina Lasko

At the ripe age of 62, funny guy David Letterman finally decided to leave his bachelorhood behind him and marry his long term girlfriend Regina Lasko.  Although the couple had an established relationship, it took them over 23 years to tie the knot.  That’s gotta be some kind of record!  David Letterman definitely makes a lot of guys out there who’s impatient girlfriends are “feed up with waiting so long for them to propose,” look really good.

The newly wed can offer us all some sound relationship advice…Wait to get married!  With divorce rates now approaching 50%, there is a serious need for people to take their sweet time and stop rushing into marriage.  Before you decide to lock it up with one person for the rest of your life…make sure you have had your fair share and then some of freedom, independence, selfishness, and booty, booty, booty!

So what made the commitment-phobe finally decide to pop the question?  David reveled his “Top 10” Reasons for Getting Married on the David Letterman show.  Here they are:

10. Poconos offers newlyweds a free room with a champagne-glass jacuzzi.

9. If  I’m gonna catch Larry King, I’d better get going.

8. Still drunk from Saint Patty’s, dude.

7. She needed a green card.

6. When you’re my age and look like I do, If someone says they’ll marry you, you do it.

5. Don’t have to listen to any more crap from that quack Dr. Phil.

4. I finally fit into my dream dress!

3. Free cake.

2. Got tired of waiting for Paris Hilton.

1. Figured at the least, we’d get a mediocre Top 10 out of it.

Hopefully at the least that makes you laugh, and at the most, gives you some serious insight into why marriage can wait!

John Mayer ditches Jennifer Aniston for Twitter

30 03 2009

Looks like infidelity with another woman is not why John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have recently called it quits.  Apparently, the real reason the two were not getting along was due to Mayer’s obbession with a social network…Huh?

Yes, according to Aniston, Twitter, a popular social network website, was taking up way too much of Mayer’s time.  It seems that he never had enough time to spend with poor, lonely Jenn.  However, when it came to sending tweets ( messages via Twitter),  his calendar was always freed up.  Mayer even sent out a tweet stating “This heart didn’t come with instructions,” following his over the phone breakup with Jenn…How deep.

All I can say to Jenn is…if your man is “too busy” to spend time with you then why would you want to be with him anyways?  There are lots of other fish in the sea.  And since he uses his time sending messages on a social network, he’s most likely  talking to a lot of other girls.  My advice is work on your jealousy issues and date a guy who is technically challenged.

As for John, at least he’s got instant access to tons of available ladies through Twitter, and if that doesn’t work, maybe he should try OnlineBootyCall!

World’s Largest Man Marries

27 10 2008
Photo by Monica Rueda AP Press

Photo by Monica Rueda AP Press

700 pound Manuel Uribe from Mexico, the Guinness World record holder for heaviest person on earth, is celebrating his marriage to Claudia Solís today. Since he has been bedridden for the past six years, Uribe was transported on a bed from his house to the location of the ceremony. The trip required a forklift to first lift the bed, then the bed was set down on a truck to transport Uribe to his final destination.

In 2006, Uribe weighed 1,230 pounds, a Guinness World Record. He has since shed a remarkable 500 lbs with the help of his caretaker and lover Solís. Prior to the ceremony, Uribe said of Solís:

“We in [sic] love , and this year my wish is to be able to stand when we get married; we are a couple/we have sex! And in the eyes of God we are already married.”

What an amazing story. The largest man in the world can find love, and sex!! There are no excuses for finding happiness or making a relationship work in this world. A man challenged by his weight and appearance, not to mention the fact that he had not left his bed in over 5 years, has managed to find love.

Uribe found a devout soul to fully accept who he is. I won’t attempt to figure out how they can manage to perform sex. I can only say that I am impressed that Manuel Uribe is so open to discuss this publicly with the press.

Today Uribe is happy. I hope he continues to lose weight and reach his goal of becoming the person who has lost the most weight in the world.

Cheers to Manuel Uribe.

More details and images can be viewed at AOL: 700 Pound Man Marries in Mexico

Sexist Language: Uxorious

16 10 2008

Is the English language sexist? One example that’s always cracked me up is the word uxorious, defined as: having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one’s wife.

The concept makes sense, the idea that a man can be overly devoted to his wife, potentially as a detriment to himself. Anybody who lacks balance and dedicates himself too much to a single idea or object will eventually run into problems. However, search your dictionary for a comparable word that indicates the same level of extreme dedication a woman might have for a man, and you won’t find it.

The English language reflects a double standard here, because a man CAN be too devoted to his wife, but it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to be overly submissive to her husband. Isn’t that a little unfair? We can all agree that no person, regardless of gender, should surrender themselves completely to another person, to the point of harm.

A healthy relationship finds balance, reciprocated sacrifice, and a willingness to commit to one another. From this parity a healthy relationship can grow into a happy marriage.

So with the word uxorious, is the English language being sexist, or insensitive? There is no such word that applies to a woman being excessively fond or submissive of her husband.

I hope someone can prove me wrong and find the precise word we are trying to define here (a woman who is too submissively fond of her husband).

Perhaps I’ll have to invent the word myself..