Funny Valentines Day Card

11 02 2009

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be such a headache.  It begins with the onslaught of advertisements selling you romance, chocolates, expensive jewelry, and the sappiest items imaginable.  The whole idea is to convince you that you are sad and lonely if you are not buying somebody flowers.

Thankfully, the good humored folks at offer singles the anti-Valentines Day approach, not just by encouraging members to date casually, but also by letting you ask an important question this Valentines holiday:

Will you be my booty call?

Will You Be My Booty Call?

Will You Be My Booty Call?

This is your chance as a single, to invite other singles to join the fun!  Best of luck to all the singles this Saturday for V-day, perhaps this Valentine’s ecard can help you meet that special someone haha..


Economic Recession= Less Divorce

12 12 2008

In an article titled, “These days, couples can’t afford to divorce”, the Daily Breeze discusses how divorce rates are down due to the slumping economy. As the economic situation in the United States worsens, couples are starting to realize that they would not be able to survive financially if they were to divorce from their spouse.

The cost of maintaining one household with two parents is enough, but the idea of having to pay for two households with only one parent in each house is unbearable. Due to the high cost of divorce, ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000, couples are being forced to tough it out in their marriage.

My suggestion:

Skip marriage altogether with our current economic situation.

The cost of getting a divorce: $20,000.

The cost of getting married? (then getting divorced) Forget about it!

Remember: don’t promise marriage just to get a date.  Try OBC for casual dating.

Online Booty Call Commercial

21 11 2008

OBC does it again. This time they are running commercials, late night of course, and we can’t help but chuckle at their efforts. As always, OnlineBootyCall keeps it comical and sexy. Enjoy!

Flavored Condoms Go Too Far?

14 10 2008

The short of the story: the discussion of flavored condoms and oral sex bring a successful sex education class to an end.

We wanted to get your thoughts on this issue. I think flavored condoms is a good topic for a sex-ed class and an important choice students are likely to face outside of school.

Scott Thorn at gives the story.

Maybe the issue here isn’t safer-sex, but rather a debate on moral concerns associated with oral sex. In that regard, I should state for the record, that oral sex is great! And both parties should be kept safe. If the cherry flavor helps balance the enjoyment equation… what’s the problem?

Your thoughts?

Put Your Condoms To Use!