Stephen Colbert on Nailin’ Pailin

29 10 2008

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On the Colbert Report’s “Threatdown,” Stephen Colbert singled out Larry Flint as the number one threat to America. Why? His newest adult film: Who’s Nailin Pailin?

Colbert summarized the plot as, “starring a Palin look-alike that does more than ride snow machines.”

Playing along with the porn spoof, Colbert mentions that due to equal time rights, they will now have to start showing the latest film to come out: Who’s Ridin’ Biden?

How did Colbert describe the plot of this movie?

“The whole video takes place in Amtrak business class. Biden finds a sexy conductor, brings her to a sleeping car… then talks to her for 45 minutes about growing up in Scranton.”

Who's Ridin Biden?

Who's Ridin' Biden?

Gotta hand it to the Colber Report. They always manage to one up the spoofs circulating across the web.


Sarah Palin Appears on SNL

20 10 2008

Sarah Palin finally appeared on SNL, capping a series of Tina Fey parodies and jokes. We’ve been following the Palin mania which spread from photoshopped pictures to an adult film. Covering the full gamut has been a riot, and this video features Amy Poehler in the Gov. Palin rap adds another notable quote:

“All the mavericks in the house put your hands up”

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Other Palin SNL videos can be found at Hulu

Sarah Palin Sex Doll

10 10 2008

Sarah Palin has dominated headlines because of her sex appeal, and that momentum evolved into a new twist:  The NOT Sarah Palin inflatable doll.  I guess the way around a lawsuit these days is to claim you are the opposite of the exact thing you are pretending to be.

Best quote from the sales site:   “Let her pound your gavel over and over”


If you’re interested in making a purchase…. lol, the store below will satisfy your curiosity:

This Is Not Sarah Palin Love Doll

If human-like platic bags filled with air are not your thing, but you are hunkering for a trip on the wilder side, visit  We understand everybody needs some booty some time.

Sarah Palin Affair : Secret Lover Exposed

24 09 2008
Image via

Image via

The Enquirer reports that Sarah Palin had a secret lover during her current marriage with Todd Palin. Palin’s extramarital affair headlined in the Enquirer under Sarah Palin’s Other Man Revealed, which exposed the secret booty call between Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson, a former business partner of Todd Palin in the snow mobile industry (how fitting).

The allegations are quite shocking for a Vice Presidential candidate already in trouble for all the baggage she has brought to the election. We’ll be looking forward to the way the McCain campaign handles this one. I can imagine the Republican base being furious at the complete disregard of the family values they claim to uphold.

For further reading, Gawker provides all the juicy details here!

Curious about secret booty calls? Visit

Sarah Palin Interview

11 09 2008

We can’t shake this Sarah Palin obsession from the media, and now Will Ferrel’s Funny or Die brings you this exclusive Sarah Palin interview. We finally get to discuss her stance on issues like education, global warming, and all the rumors.


Sarah Palin Interview via Funny or Die

Sarah Palin Interview via Funny or Die

Funny or Die – Sarah Palin Interview

Fake Sarah Palin Pictures

9 09 2008
via Gawker

Duped! Not just us, but just about everybody around town. It turns out the infamous picture of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a bikini was a fake! Damn you Photoshop you win again!
Just when you thought Palin Mania couldn’t get more contagious, we found this site:

I Would Do Sarah Palin

There’s no doubt that many people out there would be willing, but would you vote for her too? That’s the question that will be answered in this upcoming election. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for those pesky photoshopping gnomes. They’re everywhere!

Get some action tonight, and still be free tomorrow!

Palin’s Daughter: Knocked Up like Juno

2 09 2008
If you enjoyed the pleasant awkwardness of Juno, pay attention to the drama unfolding in the current presidential race. The ailing McCain camp is struggling to explain the pregnancy of Bristol Palin, the unwed 17-yr old daughter of current Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

News of the pregnancy caught us by surprise, but the issue that bothered us most was Sarah Bristol’s decision to rush the teenagers into marriage. Bristol might be walking the walk when it comes to abstinence advocacy, but she is mistakenly rushing her daughter into an unplanned marriage. No 17-year old teen comprehends the implications of a life-long commitment to their current boyfriend, and the added pressure of a pregnancy only worsen her judgment.

It is a poor attempt to by Sarah Palin to save her career and the image of the Palin family. Is the sacrifice worth the potential lifetime anguish of her daughter? This teen marriage not only fails to address the underlying problem at hand (poor decision making, lack of sex ed, etc), it sets up a difficult scenario for the soon to be child and the father.

John Farrel put it best:

“There are no scarier words for a 17-year-old boy than “I’m late.” Except perhaps, “I’m late, and my mother is governor of Alaska and commander of the National Guard and running for vice president and thinks we should get married.”

Sarah Palin understood the risk she was taking and the exposure her daughter would suffer before she accepted the nomination for the Vice President position. Her self-serving motives superseded her daughter’s privacy and well-being.
Chenney's New Hunting Buddy

Chenney's New Hunting Buddy

With no easy solution in sight, many are wondering if Sarah Bristol will pull the trigger on her Vice Presidential hopes. She is already considered a weak candidate for the job, not to mention inexperienced.
To get the rundown on this ongoing saga, we’ve put together a few links to help you sift through the rumors, facts, myths, and allegations.

Mudflats: insightful blog from Alaska.

Gawker FAQs : delve into the myriad stories of the Palin family drama.

Jezebel: deft writing, strong opinions.