Sex and Stress: Wall St. Goes Limp!

29 09 2008

Stress. Yes, you know the word. You know it all too well. Stress fills our busy, complicated, and often competitive lives. As a nation we dedicate millions of dollars each year to preventing, managing, and escaping from stress. Stress has a horrible side effect: with prolonged exposure, it completely disrupts your sex life. That’s right, lots of stress = less sex, both in quantity and quality.

“A constant state of anxiety has been shown by studies to correlate with reduced sexual desire in both men and women. Physiologically it makes sense that stress hinders sex drive, because in both sexes stress reduces testosterone levels. Moreover the stress hormone adrenaline, which is secreted in our bodies when we are stressed, shuts blood flow away from the genitalia.”-

With this in mind, I can’t help but think of how the US economic crisis is cramping the hell out of Wall Street’s sex life. Imagine losing millions of dollars of your client’s money and then losing your own inflated¬† salary (hello poor house, adios easy girls who love expensive dinners, huge houses, and fast cars). Under those pressures, your ability to be in the moment and to feel confident about your place in the world melts away. First you crumble mentally, then you slowly deteriorate physically… Good-Bye Sex Life!

Thank god for trickle down economics. It’s not just the fat-cats on Wall St. who are going limp, but guess what?¬† So are you! Your 401k slowly depleting, your job is on the line. Because we hate the idea of anything hurting your sex life, especially something as avoidable as stress, we wanted to point you in the direction of good advice.

Here it is: About’s Guide to Sex and Stress: The Benefits of Sex, and How to Keep Thing Hot. It’s a must read and a must remember for today’s stressful economy, because without the hope of great sex… what is this all really about anyway?

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Tinay Fey Nails Palin Interview with Couric

29 09 2008

The latest political SNL skit shows Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. The side by side comparison below is uncanny. Body language, mannerisms, tone of voice, Fey nails the Palin interview to the dot!

Watch the full SNL interview below.

Update: Troubles with NBC’s video player forced us to post only a URL link to watch the video.

Fey Does Palin Inteview

Keep Celebrating Singles Week

25 09 2008

USA (Unmarried and Single Americans) Week is not over yet, so we bring you a quick reminder of why you should be proud to celebrate your privileged lifestyle.

Here are   52 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single


Sarah Palin Affair : Secret Lover Exposed

24 09 2008
Image via

Image via

The Enquirer reports that Sarah Palin had a secret lover during her current marriage with Todd Palin. Palin’s extramarital affair headlined in the Enquirer under Sarah Palin’s Other Man Revealed, which exposed the secret booty call between Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson, a former business partner of Todd Palin in the snow mobile industry (how fitting).

The allegations are quite shocking for a Vice Presidential candidate already in trouble for all the baggage she has brought to the election. We’ll be looking forward to the way the McCain campaign handles this one. I can imagine the Republican base being furious at the complete disregard of the family values they claim to uphold.

For further reading, Gawker provides all the juicy details here!

Curious about secret booty calls? Visit

OnlineBootyCall Talks Dating and Sex

24 09 2008

What is a booty call? The simple definition is usually a late-night call to “hook-up” or have sex with no expectation of establishing a committed relationship. The official Urban Dictionary definition is below:

1. noun: a person with whom one has sex at random times outside of a relation ship.
2. verb: the act of calling said person.
3. noun: the term used to refer to said phone call.

However, a Booty Call can be far more complex and in of itself a specific type of relationship. A booty call is often something that is established, and can reoccur again in the future. This of course differs from a one-night stand, which only occurs once. As more and more people choose to remain single and avoid “traditional” relationships, booty calls are becoming increasingly popular.

Online Booty Call CEO and Founder Moses Brown interviewed with Mike and Juliet on the Morning Show to discuss the online dating website, sex and booty calls. It’s a great watch, so watch it!

Here’s a little bit about is an online dating community for singles who enjoy being single. The site’s lighthearted approach to dating allows its members to combine all the benefits of dating with the excitement of maintaining the single life. Highlighting this unique site, Online Booty Call was recently featured on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. With millions of registered members throughout the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, OBC makes millions of personal connections every week. OBC is an interactive and fun dating site where “you don’t have to promise marriage just to get a date!”

National Singles Week

24 09 2008

Why should we celebrate being single?

Bella DePaulo, PHD and visiting professor of psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara, gives us 14 reasons why we need to celebrate National Singles Week. One of her points rang true with us:

“We need it because the de-stigmatizing of single life does not undermine marriage, it strengthens it. When single people can live their lives with all of the same respect, benefits, protections, and opportunities as people who are married, then those who want to marry are free. They can pursue marriage for the right reasons – not to run away from the stigma of being single, but to embrace the attractions of being married.”

Her words encapsulate much of the work we do here at Marriage Can Wait. We highlight the joys of the single life and we caution against rushing into marriage for the wrong reasons. We don’t vilify marriage, we help singles value the opportunities they have as individuals. Too often marriage is glorified in national media, without an accurate portrayal of the commitment required to make it work.

Here are 14 reasons why we need to celebrate National Singles Week, brought to you by Bella DePaulo.

Celebrate National Singles Week!

23 09 2008

Happy USA Week!

Velo Steve

Champagne via Flickr: Velo Steve

USA Week (Unmarried and Single Americans) is all about “celebrating the lives and contributions of unmarried and single Americans.” At Marriage Can Wait, we never stop celebrating the joy of being single and unmarried, but we are glad singles are getting the recognition they deserve.

The latest census reports 101 million unmarried adults in the US, and we couldn’t be happier. Singles don’t get the credit they deserve for being such large contributors to this country, not just economically but socially. We make the world go round!

How are you celebrating singles week?

Need ideas? Visit, where singles enjoy being single.

If you want to learn more about being single, visit Unmarried America, who provide services for “your interests as employees, consumers, taxpayers, and voters, regardless of your household size or family structure.”

Rejoice for your independence, being single is a privilege!