Girls Love Cocky Guys

9 10 2008

What is it about a smug, aggressive attitude that is so appealing to women? Whenever we search for dating advice on how to approach women, we invariably stumble unto some ‘dating expert’ who touts the fine art of being cocky. It seems there is an open secret that seducing a woman is about hubris.

The advice is pretty consistent: play the confidence game, sprinkle some humor, and appear unavailable. All of this magically combines to make you seem cool, attractive, intriguing. Does this really work? We might have to go out for happy hour and tests these techniques out…

TSB Magazine has their tips for how to approach women and start a conversation.

Great Dating Conversation

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5 Reasons to Stay Single; Wait on Marriage

3 10 2008

I’m a long-term dater. I’m not the type that gets around, mostly because I’m always in a long-term situation. I go from one committed relationship to another and rarely have short flings. But, that’s not to say that it won’t happen at some point…

Despite my ability to commit to one person and the intense joy I receive from my relationship, I have avoided transitioning into a marriage up until this point.  For some there is a time when setting down might be ‘just right.’ But if this is the case, make sure you’ve taken the time to experience all the ins and outs of your relationship before you make it legally binding.

Below are 5 reasons to wait on marriage and keeping dating:

1. What’s the rush?

If you’ve got something good going, what’s the rush to take it to the next level. I know the idea of combining bank accounts and names might be a huge turn-on for some, but come on! Remember the odds here, there’s at least a 50/50 chance that getting married will ruin your the good thing you’ve got going now. In short, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

And as the crew from says “Don’t promise marriage just to get a date!”

2. You’ll both try harder.

In dating relationships, each person knows that they can leave. Compared with the legal processes of divorce, if you’re just dating even the messiest break-ups are way easier! Being aware that the object of your affection can “cut and run” helps to keep you on your toes. The idea is that they’ll do the same, and if not, you’re out!

3. Less weight and pressure.

By not rushing marriage, you can keep things simple. Marriage adds a whole range of complications, like the bank accounts and name changing mentioned above. If you’re just dating you can spend your time and focus on enjoying each other and not on how to file jointly for next year’s tax returns.

4. You should know YOU.

In this case, lets look at ice cream. Maybe when you were younger you were totally sold on strawberry ice cream, but of course as your matured and your horizons broadened you moved on to Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. Often times we feel we’ve got something totally figured out, we know just how we like it, then blam! Along comes a new flavor.  There’s always a chance that you’ll change or want something different, but with time there comes experience and the more time you give yourself to get to know yourself, the less surprises they’ll be.

5. Who knows lightning could strike!

This one is an extension of the last, but deserving of standing on its own. Every once and a while life gives you more that you expected or at least all that you had hoped for. Maybe you’re settling a bit with your current boyfriend/girlfriend and maybe there are qualities that are missing. Who knows, if that one you’ve really been dreaming about, the one that would really meet your highest standards does to come into your life, then you don’t want to have settled too early on.

Sex and Stress: Wall St. Goes Limp!

29 09 2008

Stress. Yes, you know the word. You know it all too well. Stress fills our busy, complicated, and often competitive lives. As a nation we dedicate millions of dollars each year to preventing, managing, and escaping from stress. Stress has a horrible side effect: with prolonged exposure, it completely disrupts your sex life. That’s right, lots of stress = less sex, both in quantity and quality.

“A constant state of anxiety has been shown by studies to correlate with reduced sexual desire in both men and women. Physiologically it makes sense that stress hinders sex drive, because in both sexes stress reduces testosterone levels. Moreover the stress hormone adrenaline, which is secreted in our bodies when we are stressed, shuts blood flow away from the genitalia.”-

With this in mind, I can’t help but think of how the US economic crisis is cramping the hell out of Wall Street’s sex life. Imagine losing millions of dollars of your client’s money and then losing your own inflated  salary (hello poor house, adios easy girls who love expensive dinners, huge houses, and fast cars). Under those pressures, your ability to be in the moment and to feel confident about your place in the world melts away. First you crumble mentally, then you slowly deteriorate physically… Good-Bye Sex Life!

Thank god for trickle down economics. It’s not just the fat-cats on Wall St. who are going limp, but guess what?  So are you! Your 401k slowly depleting, your job is on the line. Because we hate the idea of anything hurting your sex life, especially something as avoidable as stress, we wanted to point you in the direction of good advice.

Here it is: About’s Guide to Sex and Stress: The Benefits of Sex, and How to Keep Thing Hot. It’s a must read and a must remember for today’s stressful economy, because without the hope of great sex… what is this all really about anyway?

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365 Nights of Sex

18 09 2008

“When their marriages fell into the doldrums, two long-married couples decided to find out if having sex every day could boost their relationships.”

WebMD did a good feature and review of the book and its follow on. We recommend the read for anyone looking to improve their sex game, marriage, or just want to investigate. At MarriageCanWait, we feel that the only thing worse than marriage might just be a sexless marriage!

Bottom line, sex is so great it can even make marriage worth all the other crap.

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