Military Divorce Rate Increasing

3 12 2008


More bad news for marriage, especially for service members.  There has been increase of over 3 percent year-over-year in Military divorces and that’s just taking into account active duty persons.  The AP gives a detailed report.   It’s interesting to find that women are more effected. 

“Women in the military usually suffer higher rates of failed marriages than men and that trend held true again last year. Army women divorced at a rate of 8.5 percent compared to 2.9 percent for men. Female Marines divorced at a rate of 9.2 percent, compared to 3.3 percent of the married men.”


Top Iraqi Dating Site

28 10 2008

Looks like our favorite site is kicking some ass.  They’re currently the top dating site in Iraq, thanks of course to the soldiers.  Get the full story and click below:

Same Sex & Right Elimination

16 10 2008

Californication. Great song, great show, and an even better state. Yet, it always amazes me how easy it is to get propositions on the ballet here! This November election, the one Prop. that stands out the most is clearly Prop. 8.

“Proposition 8 is an initiative measure on the 2008 California General Election ballot titled Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. More from wikipedia here.

The point of focus here is on the elimination of a right. Although, this right is a newly established right, it still remains a right. Clearly, we believe that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but all people should have the legal right to marriage regardless of sexual orientation!

At Marriage Can Wait, we want everyone (this means of all orientations) to know that marriage is complicated, messy, and binding… so it can indeed wait until you’re very very sure.

Here are a few reasons to wait.

Let us know what you think!

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Flavored Condoms Go Too Far?

14 10 2008

The short of the story: the discussion of flavored condoms and oral sex bring a successful sex education class to an end.

We wanted to get your thoughts on this issue. I think flavored condoms is a good topic for a sex-ed class and an important choice students are likely to face outside of school.

Scott Thorn at gives the story.

Maybe the issue here isn’t safer-sex, but rather a debate on moral concerns associated with oral sex. In that regard, I should state for the record, that oral sex is great! And both parties should be kept safe. If the cherry flavor helps balance the enjoyment equation… what’s the problem?

Your thoughts?

Put Your Condoms To Use!

Nailin Palin – The Movie

13 10 2008

A Sarah Palin porn movie?

Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin

Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin

First it was the phoshopped pictures of Palin, then came the SNL skit, followed by the blow up doll, and now we have a spin off adult film starring a Sarah Palin look-alike. Palin continues to inspire spoofs across all sectors of the media.

This time, it is Hustler’s Larry Flint who hired porn star actress Lisa Ann to impersonate Palin. Although details have yet to be confirmed, it’s been mentioned (BlogHer) that the plot will feature a pair of Russian neighbors and a threesome scene with Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice imitators.

The Palin sex craze has grown more ridiculous as this presidential campaign has progressed. John McCain’s campaign received a boost from Palin’s controversial PR exposure, but this Palin porn movie surely won’t make them any happier.

The question now remains: who will up the ante, and will anyone outdo this movie?

Betty White: Obama is Sexy!

10 10 2008

Great Clip, Funny as Hell!

Ahh yeah, I bet Betty White does have a few bedroom tricks.

Sarah Palin Sex Doll

10 10 2008

Sarah Palin has dominated headlines because of her sex appeal, and that momentum evolved into a new twist:  The NOT Sarah Palin inflatable doll.  I guess the way around a lawsuit these days is to claim you are the opposite of the exact thing you are pretending to be.

Best quote from the sales site:   “Let her pound your gavel over and over”


If you’re interested in making a purchase…. lol, the store below will satisfy your curiosity:

This Is Not Sarah Palin Love Doll

If human-like platic bags filled with air are not your thing, but you are hunkering for a trip on the wilder side, visit  We understand everybody needs some booty some time.