Two Men One Cup, err Wife.

24 11 2008

Sharing is caring.. but in this case, two brothers in rural India take sharing to another level when they are forced to share one wife. Due to their meager economic status, these brothers can only afford to have one wife.

The nuances of this twist on a polygamist marriage involve a rotating sleeping schedule, obligatory chore duties,  and children whose father is purposely obfuscated.

Read the full story here at CNN.


Online Booty Call Commercial

21 11 2008

OBC does it again. This time they are running commercials, late night of course, and we can’t help but chuckle at their efforts. As always, OnlineBootyCall keeps it comical and sexy. Enjoy!

Alec on Kissing Aniston

18 11 2008


I think my love affair for Jennifer Aniston started when she was in the movie Office Space.  I also think that movie really solidified my distaste for cubicals, but that’s another post.  I can’t say that Brad was a fool for going for Angalina, but I must say that Jennifer is one amazing woman.

Anyway in my daily cruising around the web, I came across this little story from New York Magazine which gives Alec’s thoughts on Kissing Aniston, who played a crazy lover on an episode of 30 Rock.

Alec also talks a bit about if crazy people are great lovers or not.  The short of it:  girls = yes, guys = no.

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13 11 2008

Dating can be lonely, when things don’t go well for you.. Click on the comic strip below to see where the story leads..

Dating Can Be Lonely..

Dating Can Be Lonely..

Simpsons on Marriage

12 11 2008

I don’t think I need to go into the long running history of the Simpsons. I grew up with the show and still love it. It has for many years made Sundays with my own family much more enjoyable, even to the point of being able to tolerate them.

With that said, Homer and Marge haven’t always had the easiest marriage. After all, Homer is pretty much a big goof-ball. This last episode covered some of the more rocky parts of their marriage and was yet another awesome Simpsons episode. Anyone can guess how all the issues worked out, but it’s still an important reminder of the real issues we all (cartoons and humans) face in marriage.

Worth the watch if you’ve got nothing better to do. Check it out here on Hulu.


Cheating Women Are On the Rise

12 11 2008

Men are traditionally the most likely to cheat in a relationship, but a recent study has discovered that the number of women who are willing to admit to an affair has recently been increasing. Marriages occurring in the last five to ten years have shown a rising number of extramarital affairs initiated by women.

One surprising explanation is the rise of connectivity due to technology. As the New York Times observes:

“married women are more likely to spend late hours at the office and travel on business. And even for women who stay home, cellphones, e-mail and instant messaging appear to be allowing them to form more intimate relationships, marriage therapists say. Dr. Frank Pittman, an Atlanta psychiatrist who specializes in family crisis and couples therapy, says he has noticed more women talking about affairs centered on “electronic” contact.”

The advent of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, and even micro-blogging sites like Twitter, not to mention basic tools like email and instant messaging, have all facilitated the ability of people, and in this case women, to develop and maintain romantic liaisons outside of their marriage.

Another important factor to consider is that married women are no longer staying at home, isolated from contact with other men.  Women are out there staying late at the office, having lunch with coworkers, just like men regularly do.  In a way it’s indicative of the  closing gap between men and women in the work place and at home.

It will be surprising to see how this trend continues to develop….

Overweight Is the New Blond

5 11 2008

Overweight Is The New Blond

Image via Jezebel

Image via

Jezebel brings to our attention a surprising story:

“a new study shows that overweight women are actually having more heterosexual sex than women of “normal” weight.”

The study, conducted by the University of Hawaii and Oregon State, discovered this unexpected trend in sexual relationships between women of different body mass index measurements.  Although there is no clear explanation of the results, it helps clear the bias that slim women are the ones getting all the action.

One of the researchers commented:

“Ninety-two percent of overweight women reported having a history of sexual intercourse with a man, as opposed to 87 percent of women with a normal body mass index.

Looks like blonds aren’t the ones getting all the attention nowadays.

Is being overweight the new blond?