Cheating Women Are On the Rise

12 11 2008

Men are traditionally the most likely to cheat in a relationship, but a recent study has discovered that the number of women who are willing to admit to an affair has recently been increasing. Marriages occurring in the last five to ten years have shown a rising number of extramarital affairs initiated by women.

One surprising explanation is the rise of connectivity due to technology. As the New York Times observes:

“married women are more likely to spend late hours at the office and travel on business. And even for women who stay home, cellphones, e-mail and instant messaging appear to be allowing them to form more intimate relationships, marriage therapists say. Dr. Frank Pittman, an Atlanta psychiatrist who specializes in family crisis and couples therapy, says he has noticed more women talking about affairs centered on “electronic” contact.”

The advent of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, and even micro-blogging sites like Twitter, not to mention basic tools like email and instant messaging, have all facilitated the ability of people, and in this case women, to develop and maintain romantic liaisons outside of their marriage.

Another important factor to consider is that married women are no longer staying at home, isolated from contact with other men.  Women are out there staying late at the office, having lunch with coworkers, just like men regularly do.  In a way it’s indicative of the  closing gap between men and women in the work place and at home.

It will be surprising to see how this trend continues to develop….


I Don’t Love You Anymore… Goodbye

19 08 2008

The title for this post is a quote from the movie “Closer” starring Natalie Portman. It’s the break-up line she uses to crush the hopes of Jude Law at the end of the film. Frankly, I love this quote.

It is an honest way (brutal i know) to end a relationship. Rather than placating the other person with excuses and poor explanations, this allows the pain, destruction, and hurt their proper place: up front and center stage with no distractions.

It is unambiguous and final. “I’m leaving, it’s over.” I can think of few things more difficult than having to end a long-term relationship with someone you have cared deeply about, aside from extreme situations like admitting to infidelity or facing death in the family.

The break-up is something central to all of our lives. NPR’s radio program “This American Life” did a wonderful piece on this subject entitled Break Up. Covering the whole spectrum of letting-go and moving on, the show discusses everything from the story of a young teen getting “dumped” and living with a broken heart to the intricacies of divorce.

If you have the time, take a good listen and explore one of the harder sides of love.

– Bill Thompson

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