Stephen Colbert on Nailin’ Pailin

29 10 2008

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On the Colbert Report’s “Threatdown,” Stephen Colbert singled out Larry Flint as the number one threat to America. Why? His newest adult film: Who’s Nailin Pailin?

Colbert summarized the plot as, “starring a Palin look-alike that does more than ride snow machines.”

Playing along with the porn spoof, Colbert mentions that due to equal time rights, they will now have to start showing the latest film to come out: Who’s Ridin’ Biden?

How did Colbert describe the plot of this movie?

“The whole video takes place in Amtrak business class. Biden finds a sexy conductor, brings her to a sleeping car… then talks to her for 45 minutes about growing up in Scranton.”

Who's Ridin Biden?

Who's Ridin' Biden?

Gotta hand it to the Colber Report. They always manage to one up the spoofs circulating across the web.


Joe Biden & Sex

22 08 2008

It’s been confirmed: Joe Biden has sex. Or at least has upon numerous occasions within his past, had sex. The proof, his children!

OK, but seriously, nothing actually here about Joe Biden and Sex. Just something to catch your attention and to encourage everyone to read up on the probable Democratic VP for the 2008 election (still waiting for my text message).

Here’s a link to his wiki & it’s great info:

Take the time, do some more research, get to know the man, before the mainstream media defines him for you!

Oh yeah, OBAMA BIDEN ’08!!!

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