World’s Largest Man Marries

27 10 2008
Photo by Monica Rueda AP Press

Photo by Monica Rueda AP Press

700 pound Manuel Uribe from Mexico, the Guinness World record holder for heaviest person on earth, is celebrating his marriage to Claudia Solís today. Since he has been bedridden for the past six years, Uribe was transported on a bed from his house to the location of the ceremony. The trip required a forklift to first lift the bed, then the bed was set down on a truck to transport Uribe to his final destination.

In 2006, Uribe weighed 1,230 pounds, a Guinness World Record. He has since shed a remarkable 500 lbs with the help of his caretaker and lover Solís. Prior to the ceremony, Uribe said of Solís:

“We in [sic] love , and this year my wish is to be able to stand when we get married; we are a couple/we have sex! And in the eyes of God we are already married.”

What an amazing story. The largest man in the world can find love, and sex!! There are no excuses for finding happiness or making a relationship work in this world. A man challenged by his weight and appearance, not to mention the fact that he had not left his bed in over 5 years, has managed to find love.

Uribe found a devout soul to fully accept who he is. I won’t attempt to figure out how they can manage to perform sex. I can only say that I am impressed that Manuel Uribe is so open to discuss this publicly with the press.

Today Uribe is happy. I hope he continues to lose weight and reach his goal of becoming the person who has lost the most weight in the world.

Cheers to Manuel Uribe.

More details and images can be viewed at AOL: 700 Pound Man Marries in Mexico




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16 02 2009

is this a human being, i think they should slaughter him for hungry lions

2 01 2011


22 03 2009
teresa sheets

would love your email manuel,, 365 lbs woman here in nc,, would love to talk to u

24 03 2009

Yeah–I’m utterly repulsed. Nothing–absolutely NOTHING–justifies being that fucking fat. I don’t feel bad for him, he’s a waste of human existence. He accomplishes nothing and somehow manages to get everybody around him to feed him astronomical amounts of food (which, given their financial state, completely sets them back) and just sits around pouting about how huge he’s allowed himself to get. No pity here. None. I’ve watched both the first TLC coverage as well as the follow-up one (this year) where he gets married. I give him credit for FINALLY losing the weight–but in that little village he lives in, SIX FIREMEN have to go to his house and shift him…yes, you read correctly…shift him…so that he’s more comfortable. That is actually part of their daily routine. Let that settle in your brain and form a tumor over time.

13 05 2009

I don’t mean to hate but Munchkin makes a valid point. Not particularly that Mr. Uribe is a useless waste of a human being because that’s not true. But I have to agree with the fact that everyone is cheering him on and for what? It’s not as if he put forth any effort of his own in order to lose the weight. He took the easy way out and got the gastric bypass surgery, a drastic operation that induces extreme weight loss but on a temporary basis depending on the patient’s efforts to keep it off. What’s worst, I saw a YouTube about Mr. Uribe giving some guy (who’s since past away from his weight loss surgery) dieting tips. Excuse me, what does he know about dieting? His only diet came after the surgery, which prevents you from overeating to a degree. WOW!!

I, for one, was 360 and, after arguing with my doctors against weight loss surgery, I got the lap band because 2 doctors said that I needed to lose weight fast because of celluitis that acquired from a past knee surgery. However, only 20 pounds was lost from the surgery. The other 60+ that I lost was from hard work in the gym and proper dieting. In the past 2 years, I’ve gone from a 37% body fat ratio to 13.5%. Personally, I only credit the lap band for a jump start to weight loss. The rest came from hard work and dedication.

11 06 2009

if you were obesse and got the lap band surgery..why are you critisising Mr. Urbin..He lost 500 lbs from diet on his surgery. Also he did not get any surgery at all, he refused it. Also it doesnt make sense that your surgery only helped you lose 20 lbs and rest was from diet and excersice…if that is so, then you would have been able to do it without the lap band..Gawd i despise hypocites.

2 01 2011


27 03 2009

sad unhappy person who left the comment before me. Thats why the world is so bad with people like them, the time will come when life becomes unfair for them.

4 06 2009

i think you people are being cruel and need to get over yourself

4 06 2009

i think you people are being cruel and need to get over yourself

7 06 2009

It’s his own fault that he let himself get as big as he did. He has health problems? Of course he does all he does is lay around all day. I for one do not feel sorry for him. He brought this upon himself. People are congratulating him for losing weight, he should of never let it get this bad in the first place. Focus on more important things in the world cuz I for one am not worried about people who decide not to take care of themselves and then complain about it everyday.

2 01 2011


8 06 2009

Correct me if I am wrong, but I also watched his story just recently and he lost over 250lbs doing the Zone diet, and with eating properly and in the correct portions.
So hate to break it to those that like to ridicule but he did work hard at loosing some of his weight.
It is amazing to me that people, not all can sit back and cast judgement on others as if they have not done something in the present or past that others would find disgusting or wrong.
We are in a time where we all live in glass houses. So lets point the rock throwing else were.
I mean really we should be discussing gas prices, morgage forclosures, children and elderly on Medical loosing benifits for more budget cuts when the government are getting catered lunches every day and politicians get free mail, parking, and new cars every year.
So instead of dealing with those much more pressing issues we debat and ridicule a man who is trying to better himself, regardless of how he got to the point he has gotten to.

11 06 2009

oh also..he lost all that weight on the zone diet

19 07 2009

I just hope they do a part three on his progress. America has the largest obesity rate, and i will be inclined to know what is really helping him and possibly help others.

2 01 2010

Lots of of folks blog about this matter but you said really true words!

6 01 2010
Lea romero

Hi Manuel My name is Lea .I’m from Denver co. Iv seen your show.And iv been thinking about you so much.I really would love to know about how your weigh loss is going.Can you please give me a update.I wish you the best.I hope all is going good.thank you,

2 07 2010

i hate you

2 01 2011


3 07 2010
tammy da

being a person who is fighting for my own life right now i read and wonder how people can say the things they do , i myself learned the hard way the pasage in our lords book but for the grace of god there go I . and for those who say its all his fault i think he nos that . but be as that may god put us here not to hurt each other but to love and help each other . so i say to him keep working hard and we love and pray for you my brother . and for the people who said the thing you did ill pray harder for you . i myself am 51 i am 582 lbs and i am fighting for my life to . please pray for me.

13 07 2010

fuk up, leave him alone, u fukn bitch ass kunt, shit happens, wat if it was ur kid, aye, wat if, its easier 2 be kind then 2 be mean, this is for surpport not negative comments, so u kan go get fuked and do the world a fava and hang urself cause no one would miss u.

13 07 2010

hope u reach ur goals my bro, 2much bro, go hard

19 07 2010
jr viera

how many cruel and hateful people there are in this world. 1st you sickly morons. instead of praising him for sticking his neck out for all the ridicule he has set himself up for, he let it all hang out for all the marbles in the world. no one individual is perfect. don’t get me wrong, but the guy from subway as well as the guy from a suburb in chicago (the biggest loser) amongst others have made tremendous inroads for the many people who have wanted to shed from 1 to 100’s of lbs. His inspiration should help many many people to start a weight loss regimin. you phobics, or whomever you are, get off his back and count your lucky stars you deem yourself so perfect. which i seriousely doubt.

3 12 2010
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3 01 2011

I wonder, to all the ones who critisize….are you lonely up there on your pedestal??

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