Top 5 Male Celebrity Gold Diggers

31 03 2009

Hide your credit cards ladies, you’re not the only ones racking up the points on your VISA.  If you think that the ever-so popular term “gold digger” is only applied to women, then think again.  More and more males are choosing to reside in relationships with women who bring home the benjamins.  Move over sugar daddies and make room for the sugar mamas.

Powerful, money making women are extremely prevalent in the celebrity world, as more and more A-list couples are supported by a female bread winner.  Not to say that these men aren’t doing well for themselves, but their women are the ones who really take the cake.  Check out these gold-digging male celebs and the sugar mamas that support their asses.

#5: Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Fergalicious took home $13 million dollars in 2008 alone by combining her earnings from the album sales and tour of “The Duchess,” as well as her endorsement deal with Candie’s shoe line.  Her hunky hubby made $3 million from his role on the now-cancelled sitcom Las Vegas, and his role in the movie Transformers.  Fergie is the easy money making winner here, but Josh is so incredibly hot that his looks alone make make up the deficit.

#4: Seal and Heidi Klum

This outrageously gorgeous supermodel and television show host raked in $14 million in 2008, while her singer hubby only came in with $1.5 million from his new album release and tour.  Heidi does not only get hotter with age but she also gets smarter and richer.  Seal is one lucky guy.

#3: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

This rocker/actress couple earned a total of $19 million combined in 2008.  However, Gwyneth earned $18 million and Chris only $1 million.  Gwyn, who had a major role in the blockbuster hit Iron man, also earned some serious cash in her endorsement deal with the makeup mogul Este’ Lauder.  Her man earned his measly $1 million contribution from Cold Play’s new album release, Viva La Vida.  $1 million ain’t bad, but when you put an 8 at the end of it…it sure looks a whole lot better.  Way to represent for the ladies Gywn!

#2: Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

This television and movie star duo acquired some major money in 2008, totaling $21 million.  Broderick’s role in The Bee Movie, Finding Amanda, and The Tale of Despereaux earned him $3 million.  His Sex and the City front runner pulled in $18 million in her role as Carrie Bradshaw as well as from an endorsement deal with Steve & Barry’s and her new perfume line.  Just like her character, Carrie, in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker steals the limelight and leaves a dark shadow looming over her better half.

#1: Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani

The leading lady in the money making category goes to the beautiful and talented Gwen Stefani.  Between her international tour for The Sweet Escape, amazing fashion line, and endorsement deal with Hewlett-Packard, this rocker beauty brought home a whopping $27 million in one single year.  Wow!  Her husband, donated his $1 million income to the relationship with the release of his first ever solo album called Wanderlust.  Gwen receives the title for ultimate sugar mama, and her man gets pegged with the ultimate gold digger…Ouch!

Ladies, hopefully these successful and beautiful women can empower you to make that money honey!  As for you guys out there, either get your lazy ass off the couch and start being the “man” in the relationship…or screw it and go find yourself a sugar mama hottie as well.  But you better hurry, cause in this economy they’re sure to be disappearing like flies.


Sex and Stress: Wall St. Goes Limp!

29 09 2008

Stress. Yes, you know the word. You know it all too well. Stress fills our busy, complicated, and often competitive lives. As a nation we dedicate millions of dollars each year to preventing, managing, and escaping from stress. Stress has a horrible side effect: with prolonged exposure, it completely disrupts your sex life. That’s right, lots of stress = less sex, both in quantity and quality.

“A constant state of anxiety has been shown by studies to correlate with reduced sexual desire in both men and women. Physiologically it makes sense that stress hinders sex drive, because in both sexes stress reduces testosterone levels. Moreover the stress hormone adrenaline, which is secreted in our bodies when we are stressed, shuts blood flow away from the genitalia.”-

With this in mind, I can’t help but think of how the US economic crisis is cramping the hell out of Wall Street’s sex life. Imagine losing millions of dollars of your client’s money and then losing your own inflated  salary (hello poor house, adios easy girls who love expensive dinners, huge houses, and fast cars). Under those pressures, your ability to be in the moment and to feel confident about your place in the world melts away. First you crumble mentally, then you slowly deteriorate physically… Good-Bye Sex Life!

Thank god for trickle down economics. It’s not just the fat-cats on Wall St. who are going limp, but guess what?  So are you! Your 401k slowly depleting, your job is on the line. Because we hate the idea of anything hurting your sex life, especially something as avoidable as stress, we wanted to point you in the direction of good advice.

Here it is: About’s Guide to Sex and Stress: The Benefits of Sex, and How to Keep Thing Hot. It’s a must read and a must remember for today’s stressful economy, because without the hope of great sex… what is this all really about anyway?

Unwind and Undress Tonight at

Women: ‘Money Over Marriage’

2 09 2008

The Press Association: ‘Debt more worrying than marriage’. That’s right guys; girls are more concerned about time and money than a ‘happy marriage.’

“Women are more worried about debt and a lack of free time than their marriages and careers, according to a new study.”

Well, that’s fair… Hell, I’m much more interested in beer and football. So, if the more money you have, the less you have to work, then the more time you’ll have. In this case, the real way to please a woman isn’t endless devotion, but money! Yes, sir, cold hard cash.

money, time, then maybe love

money, time, then love

Don’t Promise Marriage Just to Get a Date! Visit

CNN Fortune Video on Marriage

15 08 2008

CNN’s Fortune has a straight forward discussion from one of Google’s execs on balancing marriage and life in big business.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW the video.   It’s a good watch.  I would love to hear some discussion on this one if anyone has any thoughts…

For me, it’s honest and detailed.   Very good advice from a talented woman that applies to both sexes.

– Bill Thompson