The Different Types of Casual Sex

20 05 2009

Sex is AMAZING…or at least it should be!  It releases endorphins,  reduces stress, torches major calories, promotes better sleeping habits, and feels f**king fantastic!  Sex should be something you can enjoy on a regular basis.  I’m talking daily… none of this every couple of months stuff!  Just because you aren’t in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that your sex life has to suffer.  Get what you want and deserve..whenever you want it…no matter what your relationship situation may be.

Casual sex (with partners whom you are not in a committed relationship with) is extremely popular and prevalent today in the world of singles.  There are numerous situations in which casual sex can occur.  Some of the most common are booty call sex and ex-sex, but trust me there are tons more.  Here is a short list of some of the different types of casual sex situations.  Let me know if you have any to add to the list 🙂

1.) Mercy Sex

Definition: Sex with someone whom you feel particularly bad for.  Maybe this person has been in love with you since the third grade and you are sick of the constant nagging or maybe this person just went through a traumatizing life experience… Whatever the reason may be, you feel sorry for them and therefore (after probably a few too many vodka sodas) decided to do the damn thing and write it off as an act of charity or your good deed of the day.

2.) Palate Cleansing Sex

Definition: Palate cleansing sex or rebound sex is used to rid yourself and your body of a previous sexual partner.  Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend and you are looking to do someone else in attempt to get back or get over it.  Or maybe you had the most horrific sex of your entire life and you just need to get that bad taste out of your mouth.  My only advice for this type of sex is to make sure that it is pretty great, or else you will feel even worse than you did before.

3.)  Hate Sex

Definition: This is the passionate, crazy, aggressive, angry sex that often occurs when a couple is breaking up or when an argument has surfaced.  A perfect example of this type of sex is from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the hottest most passionate sex ever.  This is probably not the healthiest form of casual sex (because there are usually a lot of emotions involved), but hey…sometimes it makes you feel better to get all of that aggression out by having a hard core romp.

4.)  Drive-thru Sex

Definition: This is the McDonald’s of casual sex.  Basically, this is the get it and go type of sex that is fast and to the point.  No cuddling or pillow talk required.  You are there for one reason and one reason only.  This quickie can be super exciting and spontaneous because the sex can occur in random places or locations..such as office stairwells, restaurant bathrooms, and parking structures.  So use your imagination and have some fun with this one ;).

5.)  Booty Call Sex

Definition: This is my personal favorite :).  It can really be defined in any way you want and is based on personal expectations.  A booty call can be someone who you are extremely attracted to and enjoy having sex with.  The encounter can be just sex, or can include dinner, conversation, and friendship.  Again, the expectations are up to you, so get your line up going and get some booty!


Keep Celebrating Singles Week

25 09 2008

USA (Unmarried and Single Americans) Week is not over yet, so we bring you a quick reminder of why you should be proud to celebrate your privileged lifestyle.

Here are   52 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single


National Singles Week

24 09 2008

Why should we celebrate being single?

Bella DePaulo, PHD and visiting professor of psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara, gives us 14 reasons why we need to celebrate National Singles Week. One of her points rang true with us:

“We need it because the de-stigmatizing of single life does not undermine marriage, it strengthens it. When single people can live their lives with all of the same respect, benefits, protections, and opportunities as people who are married, then those who want to marry are free. They can pursue marriage for the right reasons – not to run away from the stigma of being single, but to embrace the attractions of being married.”

Her words encapsulate much of the work we do here at Marriage Can Wait. We highlight the joys of the single life and we caution against rushing into marriage for the wrong reasons. We don’t vilify marriage, we help singles value the opportunities they have as individuals. Too often marriage is glorified in national media, without an accurate portrayal of the commitment required to make it work.

Here are 14 reasons why we need to celebrate National Singles Week, brought to you by Bella DePaulo.

Celebrate National Singles Week!

23 09 2008

Happy USA Week!

Velo Steve

Champagne via Flickr: Velo Steve

USA Week (Unmarried and Single Americans) is all about “celebrating the lives and contributions of unmarried and single Americans.” At Marriage Can Wait, we never stop celebrating the joy of being single and unmarried, but we are glad singles are getting the recognition they deserve.

The latest census reports 101 million unmarried adults in the US, and we couldn’t be happier. Singles don’t get the credit they deserve for being such large contributors to this country, not just economically but socially. We make the world go round!

How are you celebrating singles week?

Need ideas? Visit, where singles enjoy being single.

If you want to learn more about being single, visit Unmarried America, who provide services for “your interests as employees, consumers, taxpayers, and voters, regardless of your household size or family structure.”

Rejoice for your independence, being single is a privilege!