Top Celebrity Divorces of 2008

16 04 2009

I have decided to compiled a list of the top 5 celebrity divorces of 2008.  Those crazy celebs always seem to provide us with enough drama to last a lifetime, especially when it comes to their relationships.  Staying together is hard enough in any situation let alone in Hollywood where you are criticized, judged, watched, and tempted by anything and anyone around you.

The star studded life of these tinsel towners may seem glamorous, but their disastrous relationships seem to prove otherwise.  The list I have compiled contains both newly married couples as well as those who have been together for centuries.  No matter what the reason for the split…they all ended in divorce.  Maybe we can learn something from these A-Lister’s and chose wisely next time we think about the “M” word.

Here they are…

1.) Eddie Murphy & Tracy Edmund:

This lovely marriage only lasted for a measly two weeks.  Pretty pathetic, if you ask me!  They must have had a really bad honeymoon (aka bad sex).

2.) Madonna & Guy Richie:

Rumors circulated around this high-powered couple for over a year, expressing a possible breakup.  Madge was even accused of having an affair with Baseballer stud, Alex Rodriguez.  Weather the rumors were true or not, the couple did decide to end their marriage after being together for 7.5 years.

3.) Morgan Freedman & Myrna Colley-Lee:

It definitely seemed like this couple was going to make it all the way…but, they feel short.  Things between the two seemed to get pretty rocky following a serious car crash that Freedman was involved in.  After dating for 8 years and being married for another 24, the couple decided to call it quits.

4.) Robin William & Marsha Garces:

This couple met in an interesting fashion.  Garces, who started out as the nanny for William’s son, became his wife for 20 years.  They had two children together and decided to go their own separate ways after filing for irreconcilable differences.  Maybe William’s has a new nanny that he has fallen for?

5.) Pink & Carey Hart:

This punk rocker and her hubby of two years decided to call it quits after coming to terms that they were just “better off as friends.”  Sometimes the chemistry just dies, and without that passion for each other, a relationship can get really shallow and boring!

I hope you all enjoy this list and please let me know if there are any other celeb couples that I missed.  Also, does anyone have any ideas on who the top divorced Hollywood couples of 2009 will be?  Let’s start taking bets!


Jesus ditches Madonna for some younger Booty

26 03 2009

The latest juicy gossip in the world of the rich and the famous is not so fabulous for Madonna.  Apparently, her new and significantly younger model boyfriend, Jesus Luz (pictured below), couldn’t keep his hands or lips off his supposed “friend” Luciana Costa.

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Last time I checked, you don’t dry-hump your “friend” on the dance floor.  Nor do you make out with her face. Luz, 21, got down and dirty on the dance floor with Costa, a 31 year old lingerie model, while Madonna, 50, was no where to be found.  Luz is denying all claims of infidelity and states “that there is nothing going on between Luciana and I.”  That’s what they all say!

The odd couple, Madonna being almost 30 years older than Jesus, has experienced speculation from the get-go.  Socially, it’s completely normal and widely accepted for an older man to date a younger woman.  However, when the reverse happens it never fails to strike up controversy, as it has in regards to Madonna’s relationship with Jesus.  Sorry, if that isn’t “fair,” but it’s the truth.

Personally, If I was a dude, I would want my woman young and fresh, no offense Madonna.  Apparently, it seems that Jesus feels the same way that I do.  Even though Luciana is still 10 years older than the male model, that sure as hell beats a 30 year age gap.  My advice to Jesus, who obviously has a thing for older women, is to stick to finding some younger ladies.  I mean,  do you really want to date a woman who is probably as old if not older than your mom?  I think not.

Madonna’s Split A Good Warning

17 10 2008

I’ve heard this advice several times, “you want for your life to be an example to others, not a warning.” Madonna and Ritchie’s recent split a.k.a legal filing for divorce, stands as a strong warning on how things can go very bad in marriage.

The link will take you to The Telegraph’s article on Madonna’s oppressive and rigid rules and just down unattractive actions. I mean really!?! Sleeping on a vat full of creams each night? I can hear it now “so sorry baby I’m not in the mood, since I’m already wrapped in a sack full of creamy crap.”

Then good ‘ol guy rolls over bummed out, thinking: “we’ll I’ll just turn on the tube for a minute.” Guess what? WRONG! Not in Madonna’s house! No TV for you sir. How freaking miserable.

So let yet another disastrous celebrity marriage stand as good warning! Please, take your time and proceed with caution as you approach marriage!

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