I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage

16 09 2008


“I Don’t”

A simple enough phrase, but in Susan Squire’s book this pair of words represents an emboldened, wise rejection of the institution that marriage has become. When everybody else is lining up, idealizing marriage and romance, Squire goes against the grain to expose the absurdities of how the tradition of marriage has evolved over time.

Full of humorous quips and anecdotes, we’re reminded of why marriage can wait, if it even needs to happen. In addition to her book, Squire’s site is equipped with this peculiar quiz, which at one point asks:

4. Match the quote… …to the source:

a) “He who mounts is the one who gives birth.”
b) “Your husband shall rule over you.”
c) “The bed that contains a wife is always hot with quarrels.”
d) “The gaze of a menstruating woman can dim and crack a mirror.”
e) “Where there’s marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.”
f) “Hope not for mind in women.”
g) “A wife should have no feelings of her own, but share her husband’s.”

Thomas Aquinas, Benjamin Franklin, John Donne, Plutarch, Aeschylus, Juvenal, God

We commend Squire for her intrepid, and contrarian review of marriage. Her research sheds light on the various idiosyncrasies we take for granted in marriage, with a sardonic narrative that never ceases to amuse. We’re glad to find another ally in the educational discussion of marriage.


Why I Must Have Sex With You

20 08 2008

In case you needed an excuse, the folks over at Knock Knock created this amazing check list to help you come up with a quick reason to coax your partner into having sex. The list is arranged by sense of urgency, ranging from RIGHT NOW to VERY SOON and ALL THE TIME.

Knock Knock also provides useful materials on seduction, such as the Pickups and Come-Ons book. Inside you’ll find context-specific one liners, so you’ll know not to charm your co-worker with a line you’d use at a bar.

With gems like “you’re going to send me right to confession” and “baby, I’ve got bandwidth to spare,” this book covers all the locations you can think of. You’ll never falter when approaching that hottie across the bar, at work, or even at your place of worship (lol).

To quote the Why I Must Have Sex With You pad:

“Who says romance is dead?”