About Marriage Can Wait

“Marriage… the leading cause of divorce.” – Paul Brigante

Marriage Can Wait is our digital admission that we’re single, dating, and loving it! We proceed with extreme caution when approaching the institution of marriage.

We’re not against marriage, we’ve seen it work before. However, we need to be realistic about what marriage offers in modern society. We’re taking a hard look and asking if the juice is really worth the squeeze.

Here we explore the in & outs of dating, the single life, sex, and marriage. We encourage your thoughts and participation in the great debate.

We are proudly sponsored by OnlineBootyCall.com, the casual dating destination for singles who enjoy being single.

We share their philosophy that you shouldn’t have to promise marriage just to get a date!


4 responses

16 10 2008
Jake & Colin

Hey I love your guys site. I’ve been reading it for a few months now and it had a lot to do with why Colin and I decided to start our own site of our exploits. I personally have been through a nasty divorce where my bitch wife cheated on me and left me for a man 14 years our elder! Thus Colin and I are on a terror across the U.S. and abroad and are blogging our hilarious stories. Please check out our site, let me know what you think, and maybe shoot us a link on your site. I’m in the process of adding a blogroll and you’ll definately be on it.

Jake – from Jake and Colin

17 10 2008

good luck on your adventures Jake, just take it easy on the misogyny! haha…

1 03 2009

Hi! Onely has decided to profile other independent, non-profit blogs that have as their main focus living the single life, so that we can begin to build a stronger network of sites and other resources for being single. We’d like to include you in this project. If you’re interested in being profiled, please let us know via email (onely [at] onely.org], and we’ll give you the scoop about our plans!

Lisa and Christina at Onely!

15 02 2010
Bella DePaulo

I mentioned “Marriage can wait” on my most recent post to my Living Single blog:


I love your tag line (leading cause of divorce)!

Bella DePaulo, author of SINGLED OUT and the Living Single blog at Psychology Today

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