Sex Myths Solved !

5 05 2009

Okay, so it’s a given that we have all been confronted at one point or another with questions about sex.  Whether you knew the answer, pretended you knew it, or had absolutely no clue… it is never too late to learn a little more about the highly discussed three letter word.

So here it goes… five sex myths that are finally set straight.  Get out your pen and paper or make a mental note, cause you wont want to forget this…

Myth #1:  Men want sex more than women do.

The Verdict:  FALSE!

This is a long-lived myth that is completely untrue.  Yes, men are usually the ones to initiate sex or to casually bring it up in conversation..but that is definitely not always the case.  Trust me, girls talk about sex, think about sex, and have sex just as much as men do…if not more.  It used to be socially unacceptable for women to be viewed as “sexual beings,” but the times are changing and women are becoming much more comfortable and confident in the realm of sex.  Another reason why it may seem that men want sex more than women is because men are much more mechanical than women when it comes to feelings associated with sex.  Often times women group emotions and sex in the same category, so if we are mad, hurt, or annoyed at a guy, we are less likely to want to have sex with him.  Guys on the other hand, usually don’t have any problem with separating emotions from sex.

Myth #2:  Size Doesn’t matter

The Verdict: FALSE!

Sorry boys, but it’s the truth.  Size does matter…A LOT!  I mean, come on..let’s be honest.  As much as it may not be fair to some, the size of a man makes a huge difference to women…especially in terms of sexual attraction and desire.  If you were ever told by a girl that size doesn’t matter…sorry, but they were totally lying to you and were just trying to make you feel better.  I’m gonna be real ( call me a bitch if you want), but some body’s gotta be the honest one.  A man can be physically attractive, great body, funny, kind, loving, etc…but if their manhood is lacking…there is guaranteed to be some level of a let down.  I’m not saying that you can’t please a woman without a huge package..but, you better be really good at “other things” if you are lacking in the size department.

Myth # 3:  Men reach their sexual peak at 18 and woman reach theirs at 28

The Verdict:  TRUE!

Yes, this information is true and it gives us ladies a great excuse for dating younger men!…haha.  Men reach their sexual peak about 10 years earlier than women do.  However, just because a man or woman’s hormone levels may be at an all time high doesn’t mean that they are going to have the best sex.  Peak hormones and peak sexual performance are not the same thing.  My advice is to strive to have the best sex all the matter what age you are :).

Myth #4:  The average erection measures 8 inches

The Verdict:  FALSE

Don’t stress shorty, that is not an accurate number.  Unfortunately, average Joe’s erection only measures 6 inches…not 8.  6 seems to be the magic number and as long as you are close by…you can rest assured that the majority of other guys are right there with you.  However, may I point out that they don’t make any 6 inch dildo’s…just saying.

Myth # 5:  Having sex before an important event can ruin your performance in the event

The Verdict:  FALSE!

Thank God!  Whether you are playing in that Championship game or giving the speech of a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about whether or not having sex before the “big day” is going to mess with your performance.  This myth has been studied through stress tests and results have shown that 10 hours after sex, you are fully recovered and performance is not effected what-so-ever.  There is only an extremely slight dip in performance 2 hours after having sex…but not enough to matter.  So next time you contemplate getting down before that ever-so-important event, think again and go for it. You never know, it might even help you out!




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11 05 2009

Regarding Myth #5 … Circumstances matter.

Let’s say the event is your wedding, and the person you’re having sex with the night before isn’t your spouse-to-be.

It might affect your performance …

12 05 2009

Yes, the circumstance does matter in that particular situation. My question is…who ever said anything about getting married?! If you are sleeping with someone else on the night before your wedding day…you probably should not be getting married in the first place. In no way do I support cheating or infidelity….that’s why I DO support being single, exploring your options, and making your own decisions without the possibility of hurting someone else.

Sex should be fun, passionate, and spontaneous. It should not make you feel guilty or regretful…and if it does…you should reassess your current situation and make a change.

Life is already hard enough! Don’t complicate it any more by having a messy sex life.

12 05 2009

I was being jocular, sassysing …

12 05 2009

I know :). I didn’t mean to come off as being defensive. I was just putting in my two cents about the “hypothetical marriage circumstance.”

18 05 2009

Regarding Myth 2: I’m going to have to say that size really doesn’t matter–which is kind of what you said anyway in your last line about being good at “other things”. BUT–I wonder if maybe because I am very small-chested, I feel that I *have* to say “size doesn’t matter.” To be totally honest, I think size does kind of matter, at least in men. Smaller than average is ok, but very very small might be an issue.

Men have it so much easier than women on all other accounts, maybe they need a little insecurity about their penises in order to understand what we women go through on a daily basis.


19 05 2009

Personally, I can’t be attracted to a guy if his junk is small…I have tried to give guys a chance if they possess other great qualities but have realized that it just doesn’t work. At the end of the day, if you are not physically/sexually attracted to someone…no matter how great they are…it’s not gonna work out.

The thing that sucks for guys is that they can’t do a damn thing about the size. For that, I do feel bad. But unfortunately its life and you have to play the hand your dealt.

If women are insecure about their small chest size, they can get a boob job…problem solved! For guys it’s not that easy. Life isn’t always fair is it?

19 05 2009

In my experience … the only women who say size doesn’t matter … haven’t tried much in the way of different sizes. 🙂

19 05 2009

Yeah.. I agree completely… Either they don’t know any different or they are just trying to be nice. I might sounds like a bitch, but at least i’m being honest 🙂

1 09 2009

Curious. Speaking of wedding nights. What happens if you are a virgin bride, and your husband is also a virgin and you get to the grand unveiling and he is in possession of a tiny unit? True story.

22 04 2010

The idea that men sexually peak @ 18 & women peak @ later ages is fiction, so let’s disabuse Myth #3. Neutral sexologists such as Dr. Laura Berman, Sanders Gardos, etc. have debunked the AC Kinsey myth. The truth is that both men & women’s libido decr. with age. Women’s libido incr. during ovulation & decr. after childbirth & from menopause onwards.

You would be right if you were to say that both older men & women are experienced @ sex & know what they want sexually when they’re older, however, older men & women don’t have higher libido. Also there’s a stigma attached to young women who act sexually. When Madonna was younger during the 1980s to the early 90s she was given insults for dressing provocatively & showing her sexuality. But since the 2000s when her looks have faded, they say that she is in her ‘sexual peak’. The same is true for Demi Guynes Moore. In 1991, she was condemned for posing nude while pregnant, yet after she married Ashton Kutcher, they say that she is in her sexual peak, though she is rumored to have had plastic surgery or taken Botox. In 2010, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls, Miley Cyrus, etc. are condemned for flaunting their sexuality.

The truth is that as men & women age, their libido decr. & the frequency of sex decr. More couples in their 40s & higher have sexless marriages (where the sex ends because it became dull) vs. those who have sex. The forces which decr. libido > than the forces which incr. it. Diseases decr. it & so do stressful events in life that people see more of as they age such as parents dying, etc. Finally some thoughts on older men & older women. When men get older, they become old men. The problem is that when women get older, they look like old men, with women’s voices deepening & masculinized features. Why does nature do this ?

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