Was this a success or a failure?

25 03 2009

We found this while surfing the forums of other dating sites….

“I’ve met some jerks in my life, but this one has been by far the worst. I’ll start off by saying how I noticed a lot of men here complain about not getting messages. Therefore, I decided to take it upon myself to message men in my area who I found interesting. This one in particular was creative, intelligent and handsome…or so his profile led me to believe. We messaged each other on and off through here and IM for about 3 weeks before we met. It’s amazing how much of a connection you can make with someone just by talking to them online. We had a lot in common and a lot of the same outlooks. I could not wait to meet him in person.

So the day we meet rolls around and I dress up nicely and wear my hair beautifully, and let’s face it…I looked HOT. We meet at a little cafe/restaurant place, and he was just…rude. He barely made eye contact with me, he spoke in a bored monotone voice. I did most of the talking, and I swear to God he would kind of roll his eyes in a childish way. He habitually checked his watch and his cell phone. When the meal ended he only offered to pay for his half, and then bails. Doesn’t offer me a ride or anything. What did I do wrong? It was so depressing since I really liked him online.

Naturally, I go home and drink almost a full bottle of wine when I get a text message from him. He asks if I want to come over his place and hang out, maybe watch a movie. I thought “This is great, he’s going to make it up to me and maybe he was just nervous before”. Well I get there and drink some more with him, and next thing you know we’re having sex. At the end of the night he calls me a cab and I go home, THINKING that this is just the first of many dates. The last thing he said was that he’d call to take me out to concert nearby.

A week comes and goes, no word from him. I text him and no reply. I call and get the answering machine. I write him on Okcupid and he deletes his whole account. I was so baffled. That was until saw that he created a NEW profile just yesterday. All it says is that he had a bad okcupid experience, and to please have a full shot of your body.

Ok. I get what this asshole did. He treated me like complete shit because I’m not super model skinny. I don’t have a full body pic, but I did tell him that I was average, which is TRUE. I am average, I have curves, I don’t fit into a size skinny jeans. Is this reason to treat me the way he did? GOD it’s scumbags like these which make me lose all faith in mankind!!!”

If only there was a site where both members knew exactly what they wanted and what they were getting into….



Top Iraqi Dating Site

28 10 2008

Looks like our favorite site www.OnlineBootyCall.com is kicking some ass.  They’re currently the top dating site in Iraq, thanks of course to the soldiers.  Get the full story and click below:


Online Dating and Sex Drive

23 10 2008

Online dating is full of surprises and exaggerations. Just like the protagonist in the upcoming movie Sex Drive, people love to stretch the truth in their dating profiles. Josh Zuckerman stars as an 18 year old virgin who lies in his dating profile in order to impress a ‘hottie’ he met online.  It’s obvious he is completely unathletic, but he claims he can bench press 300lbs.. haha..

Lying in online dating profiles is common.  An overweight couch surfer will claim to be athletic because he can bowl a score of 270. Women on the other hand, will cloak their age and weight with plenty of euphemisms. In the end, everyone has the same goal:  appear as attractive and successful as possible.

People feel pressured to lie because they believe that once they meet the person offline, a connection can be made to compensate for any deficient qualities.  It’s even worse when the person is sexually inexperienced, desperately trying to leave “virgin territory.”

This concept of awkward virgins has been explored in various films like American Pie or more appropriately, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and all of them have brought success to the box office. You can watch the first ten minutes of the film at SexDriveTheMovie.com.

So far the previews deliver a good dose of comedy. We’ll see if they can hold that momentum throughout the flick.  In the mean time, don’t lie too much in your online dating profiles.  We know half of dating is an intricate game of half-truths, but don’t set yourself up for failure.  Keep it real!

Don’t Call Me Cute

16 10 2008

Complimenting women is not rocket science and it doesn’t necessarily have to be poetry either. It’s not about inventing the wittiest remark ever uttered. Many guys rely on tired phrases like “you look cute” or “you’re so sweet.”

As we’ve discussed before, our boy Cyrano would never resort to a generic compliment like “cute” or “sweet.” At best, an uncreative compliment like that comes across as an empty gesture. You might as well insult the poor woman.

Earlier today I ran into a post from Suddenly Singles written by Single Gal. She has an honest appraisal of trite remarks like ‘cute’ or ‘sweet,’ plus she includes one of the most candid dating profile descriptions, or ‘about me’ narratives, that I have read.

Below is the excerpt that caught my eye:

“I am not “sweet” or “cute”. I know you may mean these things as compliments, but if and when you say them to me, I will think you are referring to someone else. I have lots of fine qualities – I am generous, I am kind, I am attentive, and I am thoughtful. But “sweet” does not fit. I am direct almost to a fault, and nary a work of sugar drips from my lips. I’m a happy person but I’m not a smiler. And, I simply am not “cute”. I can’t pull off pony tales or berets. I hardly wear accessories, and my looks are average, at best. I curse like a trucker. I am not putting myself down: this is simply the facts. If you call me “cute”, I will think of ponies and puppies. I will think of girls who wear lots of pink, and who are bubbly and outgoing. Be appropriate in your selection of adjectives, and for god’s sake, don’t say things you don’t mean because you think they will impress me. They won’t.”

It’s pretty clear: Don’t bull$hit Single Gal with meaningless compliments. Be upfront and deliver genuineness. If you think she’s attractive, let her know. Don’t falter about with useless adjectives. Describing someone as ‘sweet’ is almost as bad as calling somebody ‘nice.’ It’s a bland, safe adjective that makes you look like a fool.

I commend Single Gal’s straight forward approach to online dating. It eliminates a lot of guesswork and it saves you the painful process of trying to ‘figure out’ how to approach her (usually done through a series of recurring mistakes).

I wish I could find more women willing to express these ideas. It would make online dating that much more pleasant!

Read Single Gal’s full article here: Who Am I?

Online Dating Wingman

15 10 2008

For guys dabbling with online dating, writing good messages is the biggest stumbling block to meeting women. Any time you see a cute profile picture of a female, the dreaded next step is to compose a message to spark a conversation. Just like walking up to a girl at a bar, it can be unnerving to compose a message to send to an attractive girl.

Guys need help from Cyrano de Bergerac, the trusty wordsmith and noble wingman of playwright history. Although he is disfigured by a large nose, Cyrano is a hopeless romantic who helps his friend Christian conquer the lovely Roxanne, the love of Cyrano’s life. How does he do this?

Imagine the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene (Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?), but when Romeo appears before Juliet, he has a wingman hiding in the shadows below, whispering the most poetic lyrics he can come up with so Romeo can charm Juliet. That’s what Cyrano did for his friend Christian. He made him eloquent, confident, seductive. Now that’s a wingman for you, completely selfless.

Cyrano De Bergerac - Wingman of Lore

Cyrano De Bergerac - Wingman of Lore

There needs to be an online dating wingman service out there for guys. If there was a team of selfless Cyranos willing to help other men meet the women of their dreams, then online dating would be dramatically more effective. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this service offered somewhere. There is a huge demand for it when it comes to traditional dating sites.

Perhaps Marriage Can Wait will need to start a support group to help men collaborate on these type of issues. An announcement will have to be made. VIRTUAL WINGMEN NEEDED!

Come back to check with us and see how this idea develops! We might be onto something here ;0)

Dating Again for Those with Kids

13 10 2008

Dating again after a long-term relationship has ended can seem crazy scary for some. It’s even more difficult for those of us with children. When you have kids, you not only worry if your date will fit your needs, but in the back of your mind you also wish they make a good fit for your kids. All of this is further complicated if the other parent of your children (your ex) is still involved in their life, and by default, in yours.

The Detriot Free Press offers some great advice on starting your love life again. It’s a good read if you have kids or if you’re going to start dating someone who does.

OnlineBootyCall Talks Dating and Sex

24 09 2008

What is a booty call? The simple definition is usually a late-night call to “hook-up” or have sex with no expectation of establishing a committed relationship. The official Urban Dictionary definition is below:

1. noun: a person with whom one has sex at random times outside of a relation ship.
2. verb: the act of calling said person.
3. noun: the term used to refer to said phone call.

However, a Booty Call can be far more complex and in of itself a specific type of relationship. A booty call is often something that is established, and can reoccur again in the future. This of course differs from a one-night stand, which only occurs once. As more and more people choose to remain single and avoid “traditional” relationships, booty calls are becoming increasingly popular.

Online Booty Call CEO and Founder Moses Brown interviewed with Mike and Juliet on the Morning Show to discuss the online dating website, sex and booty calls. It’s a great watch, so watch it!

Here’s a little bit about OnlineBootyCall.com

OnlineBootyCall.com is an online dating community for singles who enjoy being single. The site’s lighthearted approach to dating allows its members to combine all the benefits of dating with the excitement of maintaining the single life. Highlighting this unique site, Online Booty Call was recently featured on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. With millions of registered members throughout the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, OBC makes millions of personal connections every week. OBC is an interactive and fun dating site where “you don’t have to promise marriage just to get a date!”