Betty White: Obama is Sexy!

10 10 2008

Great Clip, Funny as Hell!

Ahh yeah, I bet Betty White does have a few bedroom tricks.


Tinay Fey Nails Palin Interview with Couric

29 09 2008

The latest political SNL skit shows Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. The side by side comparison below is uncanny. Body language, mannerisms, tone of voice, Fey nails the Palin interview to the dot!

Watch the full SNL interview below.

Update: Troubles with NBC’s video player forced us to post only a URL link to watch the video.

Fey Does Palin Inteview

OnlineBootyCall Talks Dating and Sex

24 09 2008

What is a booty call? The simple definition is usually a late-night call to “hook-up” or have sex with no expectation of establishing a committed relationship. The official Urban Dictionary definition is below:

1. noun: a person with whom one has sex at random times outside of a relation ship.
2. verb: the act of calling said person.
3. noun: the term used to refer to said phone call.

However, a Booty Call can be far more complex and in of itself a specific type of relationship. A booty call is often something that is established, and can reoccur again in the future. This of course differs from a one-night stand, which only occurs once. As more and more people choose to remain single and avoid “traditional” relationships, booty calls are becoming increasingly popular.

Online Booty Call CEO and Founder Moses Brown interviewed with Mike and Juliet on the Morning Show to discuss the online dating website, sex and booty calls. It’s a great watch, so watch it!

Here’s a little bit about is an online dating community for singles who enjoy being single. The site’s lighthearted approach to dating allows its members to combine all the benefits of dating with the excitement of maintaining the single life. Highlighting this unique site, Online Booty Call was recently featured on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. With millions of registered members throughout the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, OBC makes millions of personal connections every week. OBC is an interactive and fun dating site where “you don’t have to promise marriage just to get a date!”

Girls Gone Wild; the American Dream?

25 08 2008
Francis being a lucky bastard

Francis being a lucky bastard

First, I should admit that I feel odd that I’m here at my desk, writing (which assumes also thinking) about the Founder of “Girls Gone Wild.” I don’t mean odd as in “man how did I end up in this sweaty gorilla suit at the county fair working for 7 bucks an hour?” On the contrary, I feel wildly lucky to have the time and freedom to inspect one of the extremes of the American Dream… Joe Francis.

Hunter S. Thompson once went searching for the “American Dream” or what he felt remained of it, and the result was the wild, violent, lusty, and excessive ride Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What Hunter may not have realized at the time, was that he was becoming an icon for the American Dream. He became one of the last of the Mohicans.

Hunter’s wild and deeply devoted life is one of legend, and it set a strong example for us all. Regardless of your personal tastes, values, or how you feel about characters like Thompson, people in America have the right to be different and to exist outside conventional norms of society. That right, includes freedom of expression, press, religion, philosophy. This in turn, allows for the American Dream to exist.

These rights go beyond acting within the confines of the law. The American Justice system is supposed to act with reason and fairness when we as citizens decide to color outside the lines. In the case of Joe Francis, his lifestyle might have led to unfair treatment by Florida’s judicial system.

He has taken up the “fight for the first amendment” to ensure his right to live the American Dream, which in his case, consists of untold riches, beautiful girls engaging in frivolous sex, peddling smut, and the jet-set lifestyle. Does Joe Francis have the right to be a scumbag, or does his lifestyle and character justify harsher treatment by the legal system?

Below I’ve included a link to his website and a youtube clip of his crappy and poorly-read speech about how his rights were violated. So tell us what you think… YES, YOU, COMMENT ON THIS, TELL US SOMETHING!

Looking for your own wild girls? Check out

Presidential Love Affairs = Costly Sex

14 08 2008

This wonderful debate squabble between Alan and Sean on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes, really highlights the costs of cheating. The costs of an affair are so deeply damaging in so many ways, and not just for superstar politicians, but for us all. It really makes me feel so strongly about wanting to avoid marriage. The worst thing I can imagine is committing to a life-long vow, then being the jerk that cheats and destroys my “love” and my honor. I know that if I run with glassware, I’ll probably break it… so I’m going to avoid it!