Economic Recession= Less Divorce

12 12 2008

In an article titled, “These days, couples can’t afford to divorce”, the Daily Breeze discusses how divorce rates are down due to the slumping economy. As the economic situation in the United States worsens, couples are starting to realize that they would not be able to survive financially if they were to divorce from their spouse.

The cost of maintaining one household with two parents is enough, but the idea of having to pay for two households with only one parent in each house is unbearable. Due to the high cost of divorce, ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000, couples are being forced to tough it out in their marriage.

My suggestion:

Skip marriage altogether with our current economic situation.

The cost of getting a divorce: $20,000.

The cost of getting married? (then getting divorced) Forget about it!

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