Jesus ditches Madonna for some younger Booty

26 03 2009

The latest juicy gossip in the world of the rich and the famous is not so fabulous for Madonna.  Apparently, her new and significantly younger model boyfriend, Jesus Luz (pictured below), couldn’t keep his hands or lips off his supposed “friend” Luciana Costa.

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Last time I checked, you don’t dry-hump your “friend” on the dance floor.  Nor do you make out with her face. Luz, 21, got down and dirty on the dance floor with Costa, a 31 year old lingerie model, while Madonna, 50, was no where to be found.  Luz is denying all claims of infidelity and states “that there is nothing going on between Luciana and I.”  That’s what they all say!

The odd couple, Madonna being almost 30 years older than Jesus, has experienced speculation from the get-go.  Socially, it’s completely normal and widely accepted for an older man to date a younger woman.  However, when the reverse happens it never fails to strike up controversy, as it has in regards to Madonna’s relationship with Jesus.  Sorry, if that isn’t “fair,” but it’s the truth.

Personally, If I was a dude, I would want my woman young and fresh, no offense Madonna.  Apparently, it seems that Jesus feels the same way that I do.  Even though Luciana is still 10 years older than the male model, that sure as hell beats a 30 year age gap.  My advice to Jesus, who obviously has a thing for older women, is to stick to finding some younger ladies.  I mean,  do you really want to date a woman who is probably as old if not older than your mom?  I think not.




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30 03 2009

HAHA! Poor Madge.

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